12 Days of Christmas – Film & TV Competition

1st January 2019

12 Days of Christmas is a fun and creative musical filmmaking competition where we challenge you to come up with an Alternative “12 Days of Christmas”, think five skateboarding punks or ten cactus snowmen.

This competition runs 16 November – 7 December 2019

The most inventive days we receive will be edited into a PQA Supercut and promoted on YouTube and social media.

Check out the 2018 supercut below!

Congratulations to PQA Reading, PQA Swindon, PQA Glasgow, PQA Bath, PQA Scarborough, PQA Liverpool, PQA Lichfield, PQA Stockport, PQA Rugby, PQA Southport, and PQA Hertford.

A further congratulations also to the overall winner for the single Academy entries – PQA Bath, and three runner-ups – PQA Reading, PQA Swindon, and PQA Liverpool who will receive trophies in the New Year.

You can also watch the full versions of all the Academy entries from PQA Reading, PQA Glasgow, PQA York, PQA Scarborough, PQA Hull, PQA Southport, PQA Swindon, PQA Liverpool, PQA Hertford, PQA Bath, PQA Durham, PQA Stockport, PQA Harlow, PQA Bishop’s Stortford, PQA Rugby, PQA Lichfield, PQA Bedford, and PQA Warwick  here.