Podcasts by the Full Time Academy

20th June 2019

The PQA Full Time Academy have been working hard this term on producing original podcast episodes!

Episode 1 and 2 of “Blunders” have been released and you can find details of these and links to listen below:

Episode 1
In this episode, a teenager finds out about the perils of working in a chicken van, a young woman finds an alternate use for a hair straightener, a child causes an international incident, a young girl discovers more about her neighbour than she knew before, a schoolboy defies the odds, a drama game causes an injury, an innocent child causes some damage, a classic case of mistaken identity, a young boy discovers the truth about his father, a schoolgirl defies her teachers and a sister reveals a dark truth.

Storytellers: Frankie Cianfini, Lucy Watson, Katie Jarman, Ashleigh-Louise Barrell, Jade Foster, Joshua Richardson, Olivia Woodall, Robbie Whittock, Ochea Donaghy, Samuel Jackson-Hale, Sarah Fowles & Jazz Sewsanker.

Episode 2
In this episode, a teenager is banned from a theme park, a girl is too scared to open her front door, a father reveals more than he bargained for, a young girl uncovers a money saving treatment, a drama game causes an injury, a father is adamant that he is right, a boy encounters an electrical surprise, a brother reveals too much to the neighbours, a young girl celebrates a rather hot mothers day, an encounter with a fridge doesn’t end well and a schoolgirl regrets her lunchtime choices.

Storytellers: Kirkby West, Hannah Golding, Callum Bultitude, Abigail King, Ben Wiginton, Holly Willow, Charlie Dade, Jessica Protheroe-Jones, Hannah Howland, Georgia Scanes & Milan Omer.