Right Here, Right Now – Highly Commended

15th June 2020

Early this year we launched the nationwide filmmaking competition for under 21’s RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW in conjunction with the Children’s Media Conference.

The competition challenged young filmmakers to make a 1 minute film about about who they were, a film that would make the jury sit up and take notice, a film that shows us their world.

The jury was overwhelmed by the talent on display in the young filmmakers who took up this challenge. We felt that we just had to put together a Highly Commended list of 21 films to celebrate with an audience. These are now available to watch on the PQATV YouTube channel.

The 15 finalist films will be announced at the start of July and will be judged by an industry panel.

In the meantime, scroll down to see who made the Highly Commended list.

A massive well done to everyone involved in the films!

The Highly Commended films are

2020 by Amelia Lighten from PQA Wickford
Be Nice To Each Other by Mia Morrall from PQA Sutton Coldfield
Communication 304 by Naomi Long
Falling Apart by Abigail Clay from PQA Canterbury
Help to Save the World by Sophie O’Neill from PQA Wickford
Laughing During Lockdown by Lucy Housten from PQA Glasgow
Lockdown by Holly Winsor from PQA
Make-Up by Flyn from PQA Wakefield
Mental Health during Lockdown by Amy Worrall from PQA Sutton Coldfield
Mobile Phones by Tilly Jones from PQA Wickford
My Life Under Lockdown by Joshua Gibbons
My Life With Autism by Skye Hopper from PQA Stockport
Not Perfect by Sophie Abbott from PQA Windsor
Our Plastic World by Tilly Jones from PQA Wickford
Sam by Colin Webb
Save The Trees by Ruby Evans from PQA Wolverhampton
Smile by Tilly Jones from PQA Wickford
Superheroes by Kian Dixon

The New Era by Oliver Vowles from PQA Conwy
The Reality Dream by Josie and Marni Thomas from PQA Cardiff
We Need To Stop by Sonny Troy from PQA

*where a filmmaker is also a PQA student, their local Academy is listed above if known

You can watch the playlist of Highly Commended films above or by clicking here

We’ll also be sharing a film each day over on the Right Here, Right Now Facebook page

If anybody is concerned about the issues raised in the Right Here, Right Now films it’s important that you talk to someone, such as a parent or responsible adult. There are many charities and organisations that offer support such as Young Minds, that offer mental health support specifically for young people.