Young Screenwriter 2018 – Competition Shortlist

14th November 2018

PQATV Short Film Screenwriting Competition 2018
Earlier this year PQATV launched the first short film screenwriting competition. We were overwhelmed with entries and after much careful consideration, we are proud and excited to announce our shortlist of ‘Highly Commended’ script treatments.

These script treatments will now move into the second stage of judging with the winner to be revealed in August.

The winning treatment will be developed into a script, with the writer receiving mentorship from a screenwriter. The script will then be made into a short film by PQATV with the writer and their friends getting the opportunity to shadow a professional crew!

Highly Commended Script Treatments

Green Group (aged 6-9)

“Robbers in the House” by Brooke Lloyd (PQA Richmond)
“Peter Pig-Eater” by Beau Dunsford (PQA High Wycombe)
“Animal Hero’s” by Hugo Joseph Cherry (PQA Richmond)
“A Monster in the Fridge “ by Meredith Ryder (PQA Hemel Hempstead)
“Tamed Paws” by Hope Bradley (PQA Worcester)

Blue Group (aged 10-12)

“Drama Kid” by Amber Rhodes (PQA Richmond)
“Lara’s Wish for Christmas” by Hattie Dimmock (PQA Richmond)
“Rubbish!” by George Beasley (PQA Canterbury)
“Reach for the Stars” by Giorgia Piletto (PQA Richmond)
“School Time” by Karlah Middlemass (PQA Edinburgh)
“” by Scarlett Townsend (PQA Richmond)
“Bitter Sweet” by Ralph Raven (PQA Richmond)
“The Ship’s Biscuit” by Erin Farror (PQA High Wycombe)
“Over The Wall” by Lucy Kilfara (PQA Edinburgh)
“Urban Change” by Jayden Scott (PQA Edinburgh)

Red Group (aged 13-18)

“Fortitudo” by Katie Hutchings (PQA Chislehurst and Sidcup)
“My Friend: Dementia” by Joanna Byrne (PQA Dulwich)
“Moment” by Grace Maclean (PQA Brighton West)
“Genuine Genius “ by Prem Shah (PQA Richmond)
“Sanctuary “ by Matty Norgren (PQA Richmond)
“Pi Button” by Isabel Drury (PQA Chislehurst and Sidcup)
“My Beloved Child” by Annette Hannah (PQA Derby)
“Healthy” by Eden Quine-Taylor (PQA Cardiff)
“Only I can change my Life” by Bella Conder (PQA Richmond)
“Count To 10” by Stella Parkinson (PQA Richmond)
“I Rue“ by Benjamin Frye (PQA Richmond)
“True Me” by Lewie Bainsfair (PQA Richmond)
“Quirks” by Ryan Oke (PQA Canterbury)