Young Screenwriter 2020 – Highly Commended

3rd August 2020

At the start of the year we launched the 2020 Young Screenwriter Competition. PQA students were asked to write a one page script treatment for a short film which PQATV would then make. The winning screenwriter will work with a professional writer to complete their screenplay and get to shadow the director on set during the shoot, plus they will get to bring their friends along as well.

From all the creative entries we received from talented young writers we have managed to select 20 Highly Commended script ideas that we absolutely loved. From this list one winner will be selected, to be announced towards the end of the Summer. Good luck!

Highly Commended Young Screenwriter entries!

Amelia & Olivia – PQA Chelmsford Blue & Green Group
Amelia – PQA Guildford Blue Group
Codan – PQA Doncaster Green Group
Ethan – PQA Dulwich Blue Group
Francesca – PQA Sutton Coldfield Red Group
Hugo – PQA Richmond Blue Group
James – PQA Peterborough Red Group
Jasmine – PQA Stockport Blue Group
Joshua – PQA Nottingham Red Group
Lara – PQA Nottingham Red Group
Lucy – PQA Sutton Coldfield Red Group
Milly – PQA Watford Green Group
Poppy – PQA Windsor Green Group
Ruby – PQA Wolverhampton Red Group
Shayla – PQA Wickford Red Group
Sheetal – PQA Cambridge Red Group
Sofia – PQA Mallorca Blue Group
Sophie – PQA Bradley Stoke Green Group

Sophie – PQA Wickford Green Group
Tilly – PQA Wickford Red Group
Zachy – PQA Dulwich Blue Group

Check out these behind the scenes photos of the last Young Screenwriter winner, Meredith and friends, on the set of Monster in the Fridge.