5 Week Film Challenge February 2022 Results!

8th March 2022

The PQA 5 Week Film Challenge returned with a bang in 2022!
We had over sixty films competing from forty different Academy locations. This terms judging was the most difficult yet, with so many excellent films submitted.
The quality keeps rising year on year and it is a testament to the hard work and dedication of students, teachers and Academy Principals alike, that film and television at PQA goes from strength to strength.
This term’s results are below along with a link to all films to enjoy on PQATV YouTube.

Here’s a little insight from PQA Ayelsbury into what goes on behind the at an academy making a 5 Week Film Challenge Film, thanks to the cast and crew of ‘The Robot’

Green Group

PQA Thanet AM – Lemonade
PQA Bicester AM – Furry Apocalypse
PQA Thanet PM – Have you seen scales?

PQA Ashford AM – The Egg from Outer of Space
PQA Leeds Bradford PM – Show and Tell
PQA Cardiff PM – UFO or No
PQA Cardiff AM – Intergalactic Talent Show

Highly Commended
PQA Amersham AM – The Mystery of The missing Cheese
PQA York AM – Spoon Hot to handle
PQA Ashford Friday – No Socks, No Sleep
PQA Finchley AM – The Farm Sisters

Blue Group

PQA Brighton – Tiger Stew
PQA Wolverhampton AM – One Last Shot
PQA Aylesbury PM – Bad Luck

Milton Keynes AM –The Phantom Top Hatter
Lincoln AM – Detective Diana
Liverpool AM – Free From Force Forever
Ayelsbury AM – The Robot
Torbay – At Midnight, That’s When
Maidenhead PM – The Woodland Happening

Highly Commended
PQA Maidenhead AM – Quirky High
PQA Liverpool PM – Revenge is a Mug Best Served Cold
PQA Taunton AM – Bucket Head
PQA Taunton PM – The necklace
PQA Wickford PM – Jelly Beans
PQA Wolverhampton PM – The 5 Steps to get a girl
PQA York AM – A dog is not just for life
PQA Eastleigh PM – Time Travel
PQA Chis and Sid PM – The lunchbox Robbery
PQA Amersham PM – Superheroes

Red Group

PQA Cardiff AM – Pasta Parcel
PQA Dulwich PM – Magnidie
PQA Enfield – Rogue Element

PQA Dulwich AM – Fall of Fame
PQA Amersham PM – The Government is Controlling our Minds
PQA Bolton – Cinderellis
PQA Cardiff PM – Stupid Cupid
PQA Lincoln AM – Once More With Feeling
PQA Maidenhead PM – Battle of the Bands

Highly Commended
PQA Finchley AM – The Ratman
PQA Leeds Bradford AM – The B-Team
PQA Lichfield – 5 Kids and a Psycho
PQA Maidenhead AM – Meal Deal Steal Reveal
PQA Portsmouth AM – Peacekeepers: Legend of the Dragon Egg
PQA Southport – Disturbing the peace

Whole Academy

PQA Middlesbrough – The Mystery of the Bafana Wand

PQA Edinburgh AM – The Ghost Hunt
PQA Darlington – The field Trip

Watch all the films on PQATV YouTube