5 Week Film Challenge May 2021 Results!

11th June 2021

Our first term back to some form of normality saw Academies competing once more in the PQA 5 Week Film Challenge. Back on location, in costume and shooting as if their lives depended on it once more. 25 Academies participated this term with some wonderful films made across all colour groups, with Red Group particularly hotly contested! Here’s the results and a link to the films!

Red Group

Covid Planet II, PQA Ipswich PM
Pirate Camp, PQA Milton Keynes PM
Zoo World, PQA Bedford AM
File Unreadable, PQA Enfield

What is Art, PQA Ipswich PM
The Life of a Horror Monstar, PQA Scarborough
Deep Fried, PQA Tunbridge Wells AM
Educating Ipswich, PQA Ipswich AM
No Direction – The Truth Behind the Tour, PQA Amersham
Chicken Man, PQA Ipswich AM

Highly Commended
The Last Piece, PQA Maidstone
Game Night, PQA Tunbridge Wells PM
Silent RomCom, PQA Lichfield
Magic Light Switch, PQA Uxbridge PM

Blue Group

Who Are You, PQA Bicester
Rubberchickapocolypse, PQA Lichfield

Maybe Baby, PQA Enfield
School Adventure, PQA Bedford

Highly Commended
A Date Gone Wrong, PQA Lichfield
The Evil Dentist, PQA Scarborough
Somehow We Need To….PQA Uxbridge PM

Green Group

Why did the Chicken Cross the Road, PQA Milton Keynes AM

Runners up:
What’s in the Case, PQA Reading PM
Monster Hunters, PQA Wickford PM
The Runaway, PQA Wickford AM
Blue Heat, PQA Reading AM
Detectives Bob and Bobby, PQA Scarborough

Highly Commended
Adventure With Ella, PQA Southport AM
Beachball Football, PQA Uxbridge AM
Water Fight, PQA Uxbridge PM

Watch all of the films here: