Aardman Animation Competition Results!

9th August 2021

We are very pleased to announce the results of the 2021 PQQ/Aardman Animation Competition. Over the past three months students have been hard at work creating wonderful stop frame animations at Academies and at home. The results have been astounding with entries coming in from all ages from all over the UK. Below are the results. The overall winner will receive the one-off, coveted Morph Trophy! Category winners and runners-up will receive an excusive PQA Clapper Board Award and will have the chance to attend a virtual masterclass and Q&A with Aardman Creative, Gavin Strange. You can watch the winning films on PQATV YouTube below.

Overall winner – Best Film

Lucas Leaño from PQA Croydon
Judges comments: Brilliant story development, unique style, very funny and great use of the app!

Over 12s Category

‘Rock Paper Scissors’
by PQA Maidenhead Red Group
Judges comments: Hilarious, original concept & characters and loved the detail they went into, like naming the Rock at the end!

Runner up no. 1
‘Fruit Salad’
Tilly Jones from PQA Wickford
Judges comments: Polished, great technique, charming film. (very Aardman humour!)

Runner up no. 2
Rowan Frost from PQA Canterbury
Judges comments: Funny, unique idea, superb use of sound effects, imaginative and resourceful. Great camera shots and nice use of props!

Highly Commended
Cara Bearby from PQA Tees Valley
‘Fish Bait’ by Red Group PQA Maidenhead
Hayley Wood from PQA Harrogate
‘Leopold the Dragon and the Hunt for the Golden Horse Trough’ by Megan Ashton, 16, from PQA Harrogate
‘The Worry Monster’ by Olivia Clements from PQA Uxbridge
‘Life’ by Red Group, PQA Bishops Stortford
‘Yalk’ by Red Group, PQA Hull
‘A Bubble Away’ by Red Group, PQA Newport
‘Greg vs Doris’ by Red Group, PQA Newport
‘The Sneaky Snappy Stapler’ by Tilly Jones from PQA Wickford

Under 12s Category

Eloise Rousseau from PQA Canterbury
Judges comments: Very sweet film with lovely characters. Imaginative, well-made models, great use of props.

Runner up no. 1
Georgie Stevens from PQA Milton Keynes
Judges comments: Unique, developed nicely, suspense-building, excellent sound effects and great use of props.

Runner up no. 2
Ellis Casson from PQA Sutton Coldfield
Judges comments: Really cinematic, clever use of camera angles and we loved how resourceful it was – using existing toys as the characters.

Highly Commended
‘A Day at the Beach’ by Amelia Silcox from PQA Stourbridge
‘Squished’ by Cara Morris from PQA Conwy
Esmee Chillingworth from PQA Colchester
Ethan Everitt from PQA Swindon
‘The Box’ by Josiah Cameron from PQA Halifax
‘Journey Through Poo and Space’ by Green Group, PQA Maidenhead
‘Jumbo Saves the Day’ by Lola Raw from PQA Stockport
Oscar Cobb from PQA Beverley
‘Play of Clay’ by Green Group, PQA Stockport
‘Friends’ by Green Group, PQA Maidenhead

Watch the Winners and Runners-up films below:

Watch the Highly Commended films below: