Film Festival Slate 2022

6th June 2022

PQATV is excited to present the twelve films made at Academies between 2020-21 that will make up the 2022 Festival Slate. These films, which all screened in last years Virtual Film Festival, will be submitted to festivals across the world, promoting the excellent work of our students.

You’re On Mute – PQA Milton Keynes – Whole Academy
The Cursed Gnashers – PQA Tees Valley – Whole Academy
Talk – PQA Enfield – Red Group
Game Over – PQA Bicester – Red Group
Monster Movie – PQA Milton Keynes – Red Group
The Cursed Snow Globe – PQA Fylde – Blue Group
The Good, The Bad, and The Tiny Ponies – PQA Thanet – Blue Group
Tick Tock Taxi – PQA Richmond – Blue Group
Magic Gravy – PQA Tees Valley – Green Group
The Beast of Botany Bay – PQA Thanet – Green Group
The Robot Daughter – PQA Peterborough – Green Group
The Future is Now – PQA Enfield – Green Group

We shall be updating this page with festival successes over the year. Good luck to all the films and filmmakers, and well done!

Film Festival Success
Talk & The Beast of Botany Bay were selected for DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival 2022 (Ukraine)

Watch these films below on the PQATV YouTube Channel!