Film Festival Slate 2023

6th March 2023

PQA is excited to present the ten academy films that will make up our 2023 Festival Slate. These films, which all screened at last years PQA Film Festival, will be submitted to festivals across the world, promoting the excellent work made by our creative and talented students.

Norah Dee Explorah – PQA Hertford – Red Group
Smoke & Mirrors – PQA Hertford – Red Group
Schools Out – PQA Middlesbrough – Red Group
Envy – PQA Canterbury – Red Group
Ruby’s Cube – PQA Enfield – Blue Group
My Grandad – PQA Ipswich – Blue Group
My Dream of School – PQA Wirral – Blue Group
Sorry I’m Late – PQA Richmond – Green Group
Kandi Cubes – PQA Cleethorpes – Green Group
The Fairytale Mash-Up – PQA Milton Keynes – Whole Academy

We shall be updating this page with festival successes over the year. Good luck to all the films and filmmakers, and well done!

Watch these films below on the PQATV YouTube Channel!