PQATV & CMC One Minute to Save the World

28th February 2019

A Short Film Competition for Young People

PQATV and the Children’s Media Conference have joined forces on a brand new filmmaking competition for young people aged 19 and under.

‘One Minute to Save the World’ is your starting point, what have YOU got to say..?

Make a film about something that you believe in. A film that makes us sit up and take notice. A film that blows us away. A film that makes us think. A film that asks questions. Make a film that you are proud of.

The ‘One Minute to Save the World’ short filmmaking competition is for young people aged 19 or under. Your film can be for a young audience, an older audience, or aimed at adults, or for everyone. It can be an animation, fiction, documentary, music video or something different. Your film can be made using any technology: a smart phone, a DSLR or digital camera, a camcorder or a Film/TV camera. We don’t mind, it’s what you put in front of the camera that matters.

The theme for this year’s Children’s Media Conference is “limitless”. The conference will explore what that means for young people. We are keen that your approach to the “One Minute to Save the World” competition should be as free of limits as possible. Show us what you think and feel – with no limits! Your one-minute film does not have to be on a children’s and youth topic or aimed at a young audience.

It’s FREE to enter and we are now accepting entries via FilmFreeway here

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