PQA Leeds Regional Film Festival 2018

14th November 2018

The PQA Leeds Regional Film Festival will take place at the Leeds Everyman Cinema on Sunday 4 November, 9:30-14:30.

The red carpet event will feature film screenings, an awards ceremony, as well as two filmmaking masterclasses!

The Art of Production Design by May Jennifer Davies, who will break down the different roles in the Art Department as well as discussing the process of how to translate a script into set, props, and costume design.

The Art of Foley and Sound Effects by Marcin Szumilas, who will be talking through the process he goes through in recreating foley sounds and sound effects during post production.


Official Selection

  • A Cat In Water – PQA Bolton
  • Alien Encounter – PQA Tees Valley AM
  • Blur – PQA Doncaster
  • By Your Side – PQA Leicester AM
  • Change – PQA Nuneaton and Hinckley
  • Cupcake Noir – PQA Derby
  • Donut Disaster – PQA Tees Valley PM
  • Easter Camp – PQA Edinburgh PM
  • Good Ideas – PQA Loughborough
  • Hitch In Time – PQA Leeds/Bradford
  • Invite Me Next Time – PQA Chester
  • It Came From Pluto – PQA Tees Valley AM
  • Unicorn Girl & The T-Shirt Troopers – PQA Wirral
  • Letters from the Trenches – PQA Darlington
  • My Hero – PQA Derby
  • Notes – PQA Bolton
  • Petrol Terriers – PQA Tees Valley PM
  • Puppy Love – PQA Edinburgh AM
  • Red Riding Hood – PQA Harrogate
  • Serial Problems – PQA Coventry
  • She’s Gone – PQA Derby
  • Snatcher – PQA Darlington
  • The Christmas Imposter – PQA Glasgow
  • The Fairies – PQA Harrogate
  • The Monster – PQA Sheffield
  • Thomas – PQA Leeds/Bradford
  • Treasure – PQA Darlington
  • Unicorn Girl & The T-Shirt Troopers – PQA Wirral
  • Letters from the Trenches – PQA Darlington

  The PQA Leeds Regional Film Festival will be split between two screens to ensure content is age appropriate; one for under 9’s (Green Group) and the other for over 9’s (Blue/Red Group). The Green Group Event will run 9:30-12:30 and will feature a masterclass, a screening of the films they have worked on plus an awards ceremony.