Spooktacular Results

29th October 2020

The inaugural PQA Spooktacular Film Challenge has proved a great success with over 60 short films entered. A fantastic achievement from all Academies, Students and Teachers. Quite amazing considering the circumstances. It also proves how popular scary stuff is to PQA students!

Our judges had such a difficult time with this one, as the quality of the films was superb, with originality, fun, fear and talent abounds. Thank you to all of you for making this Halloween a special one for Film and TV at PQA!

Drum roll please……Here are the results:

Red Group


Under the Knife – PQA Thanet AM

From the Other Side – PQA Enfield

Monster Movie – PQA Milton Keynes AM


The Curse of the Lantern – PQA Ashford AM

Outsider – RPQA York AM

Rabid – PQA Enfield

Alone – PQA Conwy

Murder in the Dark – PQA Harrogate

Red for Off – PQA York AM

Highly Commended

Sync – PQA Ashford Friday

Guilty – PQA Richmond AM

The Dinner Party –PQA Richmond AM

The Passageway – PQA Thanet AM

Pumpkin Man – PQA Thanet PM

Chad and Brad Ghosthunterz – PQA York AM

Blue Group


Children of the School – PQA Thanet AM

Here Comes the Bride – PQA Milton Keynes PM


Clowning Around – PQA Ashford AM

And then there were – BPQA Thanet AM

Masks an Monsters – BPQA Harrogate AM

In the Shadows – PQA Conwy

Highly Commended

Waking Nightmare – PQA Thanet PM

Afraid of Nothing – PQA Ashford Friday

Classroom Nightmare – PQA Milton Keynes AM

It was Just a Prank – PQA Reading PM

Pumpkin 19 – PQA Southend AM

I can See You – PQA York AM

Green Group


Zombie Film – PQA Milton Keynes PM

Runners -up

Spook Show – PQA Ashford AM

The Pumpkin Lady – PQA Harlow

Monster Tryouts – PQA Reading AM

Turn Around – PQA Stockport

Highly Commended

Beware of the Scare – PQA Conwy

The Haunted House – PQA Richmond AM

The Horrible Change – PQA Harrogate AM

The Trap – PQA Richmond PM

Trapped – PQA Richmond AM

Kaput – PQA York AM

Riddle me This – PQA York AM

The Mask Party – PQA Harrogate PM

The Party – PQA York PM

Monster Hotel – PQA York PM

Combined Group Winner

The Pumpkin Diaries – Green & Blue Group PQA Enfield AM


Doll House – Green & Blue Group PQA Tunbridge Wells

Horror House – Green & Blue Group PQA Tunbridge Wells

Spellbound – Green & Blue Group PQA Maidstone

Special Mention for Achievement in Filmmaking

The Cabin in the Woods – Tom Howard, PQA Stourbridge

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