Summer Dreams Results

13th September 2022

Over the summer we challenged our students to create a s30 second short film with the theme “Summer Dreams – dreams, aspirations and the future” featuring popular summer items.

We received over 200 entries and had so much fun watching all the great films from our fabulous PQA Students from across the country!

And the winners are…

Winner – Fashion Dreams – Clara May Jones, 10, PQA Stratford
Runner – up – Mr Watermelon – Iris Rackley, 9, PQA Leicester
Runner – up – Hollywood Dream – Alexis Crabbe, 10, PQA Bradley Stoke
Runner – up – Mid Day Summer Dream – Elliot and Noah Samuel, 9, PQA Hull
Runner – up – To Save a Life – Shayla Lipyeat, 17, PQA Wickford
Runner-up – This is the Life – Faye Willcox, PQA Ashford

The winner will receive the £200 voucher prize and runners-up receive a pair of cinema vouchers, these films will also be screened at the PQA Film Festivals in Sheffield and London in October, where our filmmakers walk the red carpet and receive their awards!

Highly Commended films

There were so many great films to choose from this year, here’s a list of the Highly Commended films that scored highly with our judges, these films, along with the winner and runners-up can be viewed on PQATV YouTube below.

My West End Dream Fail – Fraya Ransley, 14, PQA Ashford Friday
And it was All a Dream (or was it?) – Zoe Parker, PQA Rugby
Summer Dreams Animation by Cinnamon – Rosa Little, 12, PQA Norwich
Sara’s Surreal Summer – Sara-Maria Tincu, 13, PQA Watford
The Watermelon War – Amelia Barney,12, PQA Dulwich
No Planet B – Sophia Callanan, 12, PQA Sheffield
Summer Dreams – Amelie Sheehan, 15, PQA Sutton Coldfield
California Dreaming – Alex Gourlay, 13, PQA Doncaster
There is No Planet B! – Wynter Mooney, PQA Chelmsford
Syd’s Speedy Dream – Sydney McNulty, PQA Rugby
Stage Dreaming – Dominik Trouvé Daniels, 17, PQA Thanet
When I Grow Up – Millie Strafford, 13, PQA Ispwich
Summer Dreams – Hattie Symondson, 11, PQA Peterborough
Hopes and Dreams – Joshua Kay, 7, PQA Leicester
Imagination – Isabelle Foot, 8, PQA Milton Keynes
Ibiza Drams – Imogen Warburton, 11, PQA Scarborough
Schools Out – Isabelle Barnes, 11, PQA Chelmsford
Seriously Summer – Leila Houimdi, 11, PQA Ashford
Summer Dreams – Lyla Carey, 5, PQA Bedford
Wilber Watermelon – Matilda Hogben, 6, PQA Ashford
Teleportation Dream – Melody Weiner, 8, PQA Stockport
Chasing Dreams is Tough – Gold Akanbi, 17, PQA Edgbaston
Fast – Kat Leighton, 17, PQA Ipswich
My Dreams and Aspirations – Ava Wood, Poppets, PQA Cleethorpes
Summer Dreams – Lilly Johnson, 8, PQA Colchester
Beach Day – Willow Daniels, 6, PQA Reading
Visualizing My Future – Sam Solomons, 10, PQA Exeter
Summer Fun, Waves and Wishes – Elouise North, 7, PQA Bedford
My Dream Camping Adventure 2022 – Sofia Gasperovich, 9, PQA Bedford
Seagulls The Day Stars – Martina Planell Fauquet, 9, PQA Chelmsford
Save – Rachel Moriarty, 8, PQA Rugby
Maybe – Seth Moriarty, 7, PQA Rugby
Life is Beachy – Oz Hiley, 11, PQA Sheffield
Not Every Summer is a Dream – Joseph McHugh Wiggins, 9, PQA Chester
Sunset Summer Dreaming – Isla Rose Fieldhouse, 10, PQA Stockport
Go Away Dream – Niko Mount,10, PQA Wirral
Fun Days Are All That Count – Cerys Crisp & Carmen Brown,10, PQA Bedford