The Encounter at Boundless

28th June 2021

PQA Students and Teachers involved in successful independent film.

The Encounter At Boundless tells the story of a Father and his estranged children as they spend a
weekend away together to try to heal old wounds and find some common ground but as the day
shifts into night, it becomes clear that something else is out here in this forest with them…
something monstrous.
The film stars Adrian Annis (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) and Winston Ellis (The Dark
Knight, Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 and 3) alongside Ashley Oliver, and Kyla Heselton and Nathan
Horrod. The film was produced entirely during the COVID19 pandemic over the last 12 months
and you can watch the film at the link later in this blog thanks to the folks at Omeleto!

The filmmakers and cast talk a little about the experience of making the film…

Adam Spinks – Film and TV Teacher – PQA High Wycombe/PQA St Albans
Nine months after filming ‘The Encounter At Boundless’ in a cold but beautiful forest for 4 days,
virtually swimming in hand sanitiser throughout; and a year after we turned in the first good draft
of the script and started officially ‘making the film’, I’m proud to say that the film is released!
Recently, as the time came to master the film out and put the credits on it, I took a moment and
realised just how many people on our team were a part of the PQA family. From our Producer
Natasha, through to our wonderful cast Ashley, Nathan and Kyla, our casting agents Quirky Kidz,
our assistant director Ozzy, floor runner Peter, camera assistant Archie, art department assistant
Anya and beyond, I realised just how many amazing young people PQA is supporting to find their
voices as actors, filmmakers and performers.
Without any of these incredible people, and many many more I’ve not been able to mention, this
film would not exist. I owe each and every one of them my heartfelt thanks for believing in this
story, for believing in the project and for their passion, dedication and extraordinary courage to
make a film in the face of a very difficult and challenging year just gone. You are all amazing.

Natasha Branson – Film and TV Teacher – PQA Ashford/PQA Thanet
I’m so happy with the finished film! It exceeded my expectations and that only happened thanks to
the hard work and dedication from our amazing cast and crew. Having teachers and students so
heavily involved in the production at every level showcases the talent within PQA academies. I’m
so pleased that PQA is inspiring new actors and filmmakers and this film shows that the skills they
learn in lesson time can lead to exciting opportunities in the industry.

Ashley Oliver – Pippa – Principal – PQA High Wycombe
Working on ‘The Encounter at Boundless’ was a fantastic experience for many reasons. Not only
did I get to be a part of this exciting production as an actor but I also witnessed my students make
their debut on screen and to see so many former students really working in the industry they love.
I have to say I had so much fun during filming as the team where so lovely and excellent at what
they do. Going back to set to visit on the final night shoot really gave me an opportunity to see the
hard work of the whole team but especially our young actors who were still working hard and giving
amazing performances long after I had finished.
As a PQA principal I have always wanted to expose my students to our industry and the wonderful teachers and creatives within it. I have always believed that the best experience and learning
comes from being on a job and this movie provided that for so many PQA students past and
present. I am so proud to be a part of this creative and daring film.

Kyla Heselton – Kaela – Student – PQA High Wycombe
As this was my first time on a proper film set, I was really nervous but the crew were super helpful
and kind which made the whole experience really enjoyable. My favourite parts were when we
were waiting for the crew to start filming, and me, Nathan and Adrian would mess around with
accents and props right up until the ‘Action’ came from Adam – I have some great pictures of us!

Nathan Horrod – Max – Student – PQA High Wycombe
I had an amazing time filming ‘The Encounter At Boundless’ with the cast and crew. I learned so
much from them! It was great seeing things from behind the other side of the screen and I loved
seeing the different ways of using special effects and how it all works. I really enjoyed being a part
of this film and the opportunities it has given me.

Watch the film below. Please note that the film contains some scenes with a realistic monster. Some more sensitive, younger viewers (10 years and younger) may be scared. Parents and guardians are responsible for making viewing decisions on behalf of those in their care.

The Encounter At Boundless is produced by Initiative Motion Pictures, Mordue Pictures and
Copper Productions and you can find the film on social media at:

Watch an exclusive Behind the Scenes Featurette on PQATV YouTube below