Virtual Film Challenge Results!

26th February 2021

The 2021 Virtual 5 Week film Challenge saw 35 Academies compete and 60 films produced during PQA Live!

Each Academy was challenged with devising and shooting a film in 5 weeks with a randomly given genre, prop, costume and line of dialogue. Participating Academies used a combination of recording on Zoom and footage filmed at home to create some magnificent films. We’ve seen alien invasions, tooth fairies, some truly terrifying soft toys, cowboys and ghosts, to name but a few elements of the amazing and memorable films made during this unique challenge.

This Challenge was the most hotly contested in memory. Huge congratulations to all of the Academies that took part and completed films under such tricky circumstances. Here are the results:


Green Group Films:
Winner – “The Chocolate Bake Off” – PQA York AM
Runner-up – “The Adventure Games” – PQA Milton Keynes AM
Runner-up – “Gamers” – PQA York PM
Runner-up – “Alien Detective” – PQA Wirral

Blue Group Films:
Winner (joint) – “Purge of the Grandmas” – PQA Woodford
Winner (joint) – “Mystic Shadows” – PQA Milton Keynes PM
Runner-up – “The Pineapple Killer” – PQA Hull PM
Runner-up – “Morris” – PQA Wakefield AM
Runner-up – “Followed” – PQA Wirral
Runner-up – “Crash Test Gummy” – PQA Southport

Red Group Films:
Winner (joint) – “Problems With Uranus” – PQA York PM
Winner (joint) – “Operation Find Ryan” – PQA Earlsfield
Winner (joint) – “Inside the Tooth” – PQA Milton Keynes PM
Runner-up – “Please Stand By” – PQA York AM
Runner-up – “The Disconnection Games” – PQA Wirral
Runner-Up – “Dating Inside” – PQA Uxbridge AM & PM

Whole Academy Films:
Winner – “Malfunction” – PQA Thanet AM
Runner-up – “The Toys” – PQA Thanet PM
Runner-up – “Tooth Fairy Chaos” – PQA Ashford PM
Runner-up – “Don’t Look Back” – PQA Plymouth
Runner-up – “Doorstep Drop Off” – PQA Ashford AM

Highly Commended
“The Little Pirates” – PQA Beverley AM
“Chicken Protection Gang” – PQA Bury
“Toy 2000” – PQA Hull PM
“Jack’s Journey” PQA Lincoln
“Travelling Through Time” – PQA Scarborough
“What’s in the Box” – PQA Beverley AM
“There’s Something Out There” – PQA Bolton
“Teddy Talk” – PQA Ealing
“The Bloodshed Buggy” – PQA Milton Keynes AM
“The Potion Test” – PQA Lincoln
“Actions Have Consequences” – PQA Scarborough
“People of 2020” – PQA Uxbridge AM & PM
“Crumble the Curious Cake” – PQA York AM
“Shape Shifting Aliens” – PQA York PM
“Wizards High” – PQA Beverley AM
“Day in the Life of Keira” – PQA Lincoln
“The Great Egg Plot” – PQA Bury
“Don’t Have a Cluedo” – PQA Ealing
“Untitled” – PQA Tunbridge Wells AM
“We Can’t Make Zoom Films” – PQA Rochester PM
“The Wild Wild Wild Wild West” – PQA Scarborough
“Ananas Comosus” – PQA Stockport PM
“The Borrowers” – PQA Wakefield PM
“Don’t Look Back” – PQA Plymouth
“Buffer Face” – PQA Reading AM
“Adventures of Umbrella Girl” – PQA Reading PM