Poppets – What no voice?


‘Need a confidence boost? – Call the Poppets!

Tom has lost his voice and is due to perform in the school play. What can be done! His friends call the Poppets to save the day.

Poppets are friends, problem solvers, an older brother or sister and a musical band.

The Poppets are bound together by their love of singing, dancing and performing and exist in an animated world that is only interrupted when they get their ‘call to arms’ from the real world.

The Poppets is a mix of live action and animation with the Poppets developed in order to help and support children with a problem or dilemma.

Edward Denman
Rosie Starbuck
Amber-Mone Brown
Ruben Sarkar-Witzenfield
Melissa Fleming
Debra Baker

Voice Artists
Ellie May Chapman
Alexandra Head
James Arnold
Samuel Menhinick


Written by
Jane Marlow

Produced & Directed by
Nick Pilton

Animation by
King Bee Animation

Director of Photography
Harry Laurie

First Assistant Camera
Joachim Neef

Zeta Spyraki

Sound Recordist
John Ryder

Production Designer & Costumes
Florence Robjohn

Hair & Make-Up Artist
Sarah Shaw

Emma Ralston
Nicola Mooi


Harry Baker

Sound Foley & Mix
Anna Sulley

Audio Recording & Songs Composed by
Harvey Summers at Broadoak Studios

Additional Music by
Mark Lord

Production Manager/Assistant Director
Louise Cooke

Production Assistant
Laura Robinson

Maria Sherlock

Lauren Gayton
Liam King
Natalia Oughton
Alfie Wallace
Matthew Graham

With thanks to PQA Chislehurst and Sidcup Students and Joseph Dewey

  • 2020