The Quest for the Golden Pinecone


Script to Screen 2019

Three very different groups of adventures embark on an outdoor quest, each with their own agenda. They are forced to work together after an unexpected supernatural entity leads them astray. Will they make it out of the forest and complete their quest?

This short film was written, directed, and performed by young people aged 14-19 alongside a professional crew, during a five day residential filmmaking week Easter 2019.

Writers & Directors
Eden Quine-Taylor
Patrick Keating
Lukas Cobb
Alicia Giaccone-Munn

Jack Thompson
Xavier Gomez
Poppy-Fe Howe
Joshua Gibbons
Isobel Cox
Charlotte Griffin
Oliver Parker

Producer – Nick Pilton

Production Manager – Louise Cooke

Production Assistant – Hope Burgess

Director of Photography/Editor – Harry Baker

Sound Recordist – John Ryder

Composer – Mark Lord

  • 2020