The Waiting Room


Following an argument with his aunt, Alex finds himself in a strange room filled with many doors, each one a gateway to a strange place. In order to make his way back to the real world, Alex must face the emotions he has been refusing to feel since the death of his mother.

This short film was written, directed, and performed by young people aged 14-19 alongside a professional crew, during a five day residential filmmaking week Summer 2018.

The film will be released online later in 2019.

Official Selection:

Swindon Independant Film Festival 2019

Lift Off First Time Filmmakers Sessions 2019

Alex – Jake Neill-Knight

Venus “Love” – Talia Kauffman

Achlys “Sadness” – Laura Sheridan

Comus “Humour” – Louie Fellows

Lyssa – Erin Mill

Aunt Rose – Katie Ell

Writer & Directors – Edie Moles & Rosie Moroney-Lewis

Additional Writing – Jake Neill-Knight, Talia Kauffman, Laura Sheridan, Louie Fellows & Erin Mill

Producer – Nick Pilton

Production Manager – Louise Cooke

Production Assistants – Hope Burgess & Carrick Stimson-Machers

Director of Photography – Samira Oberberg

Camera Operators – Edie Moles & Rosie Moroney-Lewis

Sound Recordist – John Ryder

Boom Operator – Laura Sheridan

Make-Up – Talia Kauffman

Editor – Harry Baker

Music – Mark Lord & Daniel Rogerson

  • 2020