Monster in the Fridge: Behind the Scenes

14th August 2019

Monster in the Fridge is a short film based on the PQATV Young Screenwriter 2018 winning idea by Meredith Ryder from PQA Hemel Hempstead.

Monster in the Fridge follows a young girl called Molly who feels neglected by her workaholic mother and mean big sister. Molly finds escape from her loneliness in the form of an imaginary friend in the fridge.

The film stars Holly Hughes as Molly and Remy Goff as Agnes both represented by Quirky Kidz, and Natalie Hughes as the mother.

As well as Meredith winning the chance to see her script made and shadow the director, she was also given the opportunity to invite her friends along to shadow the crew.

The film was shot last week and is now in post-production. The next PQATV Young Screenwriter competition will open at the start of the new PQA term.