Boys Don’t Cry

PQA St Albans

A rumour has been going around about Dan having a new girlfriend. Dan is confronted. The decision we all have to make in life is whether or not we suffer in silence.

Geoff Brown
Sam Jackson Hale
Conor Haughton
Amalie Pascale

Charlotte Spokes
Geoffrey Brown
Millie Braisher
James Foy
Taylor Burdett
Lucy Shaw
Ella Shaw
Sophie Herrick
Lucy Topp
Sophie Jackson- Hale
Stephanie Lawrence
Olivia Goss
Victoria Beavis
Liberty Ewer
Joseph Setoudeh
Rachel Halsey
Niamh Crompton
Samuel Jackson – Hale
Sian Worton
Lucy Connolly
Madeleine Wills

James Foy
Principal / Producer:
David Jenkins
Film & TV Tutor:
Ben Charles Edwards

  • 2017

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