Dear Mitch

PQA Leicester

A short film created by PQA Leicester

After life saving surgery Georgia searches for her transplant donor.

Zoe Nyandoro
Taiven Allen
Shanice Nyandoro
Andrea Nyandoro
Joshua Spicer-Hadley
Isaac Hurst
Andrew Veasey
Karen Stevens
Fraya Veasey
Tia Bell
Rosie Gray-Ridgeway
Joshua Chiswell
Malachi Hutchful
Phoebe Addy
Hayden Veasey


Written by
Shivain Kara-Patel

Directed by
Dante Kasenza
Alfie Murray

Produced by
Karen Stevens
PQA Leicester

Edited by
Alex Stroud

Film and TV Teacher
Emmeline Hartley


With thanks to

Leigh Gates

The Murray Family


  • 2020

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