Disco For Dummies

PQA Brighton West

PQA Muswell Hill Regional Film Festival 2018 Official Selection

4 Week Film Challenge Regional Winner

It’s a school themed disco night and everyone’s welcome! Except those that don’t stick to the rules, that is.  So two friends, Frankie and Oz, hatch a hare-brained scheme to get inside. There’s just one problem: A bouncer who isn’t so easily fooled by these two dummies.   

Cast Grace Maclean Joe Woods Heidi Wraige

Supporting Cast Ohenewaa Adzika Millie Griffiths Brooke Lewis Millie Paget Nicholas Bushara Ailish Mannal Jacob Simmonds

Crew Sound – Emma Roberts Lighting Effects – Brooke Lewis Costume Design – Red Group Make-up – Red Group Production Assistant – Nicholas Bushara

  • 2018

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