The Horrors Of High School

PQA Watford

Christine worries about going to high school and the horrors she’ll find there, but a chance encounter brightens her day in an unexpected way.

Jamielee Carter
Dillon Street
Cormac Moroney-Lewis
Daniel Remmington
Katie Parker
Supporting Cast:
Tayla Barnett
Ellie Dearing
Kiani Landschultz
Natalia Masiar
Shania Patel
Charlie Pickles
Emilie Vaughn
Isabel Walter

Thomas Gonzalez
Director of Photography:
Harriet Briggs
Camera Operator:
Emily Stasin
Molly McSwiggan
Sound Recordist:
Emma Ferguson
Boom Operator:
Lydia Simmons

Evie-May Allcock
Production Designer:
Isobel Mitchell
1st Assistant Director:
Ellie Jackson

  • 2016

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