PQA Exeter

PQA Bristol Regional Film Festival 2018 Official Selection

4 Week Film Challenge Highly Commended

Sat in a hospital, Oliver Cooper had no idea that when he picked up a strange stethoscope, his life and those around him would be transformed.

Cast & Crew
Enrique Fuentes-Hermoso
Gabriel Cabaya
Evie Moffat
Raphael Ballantyne
Lillabelle Briddon
William Oliver
Martini Drew
Leona Whitfield
Jerome Mantle
Darcy Palmer
Betsy Lewis
William Mahany-Douglas
Javier Fuentes-Hermoso
Poppy Ashendon
Cory Jenkins
Kaisha Anthony
Lilly Gleason

Tasmine Paterson
Neve Capon
Glafira Ridgeway
Ethan Capon
Nhiqui Simbol
Emily Cannan
Domenica Kukula-Mascio
Amy Pomroy
Keir Mills
Lillie Jane Bucci
Jennifer Baden
Felicity Reed
Ava Smith
Ava Carling
Emma Tandy
Grace White
Poppy Rowell-Bradford
Sophia Daly

Alice Stapley
Kathryn Young
Verity Bluck
Holly Hunt
Emma Sellings
Jasmine Larkman
Luis Albas
Adelaide Williams
Katy Young
Charlotte Moys
Georgia Dylan
Harrod Summers
Maiya Walters
Faith Pearce
Evie Vickery
Rosie Reynolds
Kiah Brooks

  • 2018

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