Two Faced

PQA Wickford

PQA Film Festival 2019 – Southern Regional Official Selection

Alice is sick and tired of the bullying she experiences at school which leads to shocking consequences. Will the real Alice please stand up?

Katie Logan
Sophie Graves
William Abel
Stella Braglia
Emily Brown
Eleanor Cornmell
Freya Dickson
Elena Ellis
Jack Harlow
Thomas Smith

Kirsty Hawes
Sienna Hurst
Tilly Jones
George Liddiard
Amelia Lighten
Mia Mizon
Leah Nunn
David Oseni
Bethany Wall
Sophie Parry
Olivia Skitmore

William Abel, Sienna Hurst, Mia Mizon, Freya Dickson, Jenna Phillips & Emily Brown

Leah Nunn, Tilly Jones, George Liddiard, Thomas Smith, Elena Ellis & Eleanor Cornmell

Camera Operators
Sam Cohen & Kirsty Hawes

Sound Recordists
David Oseni, Stella Braglia & Mia Mizon

1st Assistant Directors
Olivia Skitmore, Sophie Parry & Amelia Lighten


  • 2019

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