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One Minute to Save the World 2019 – OVERALL WINNER

At the start of the year PQATV and The Children’s Media Conference challenged young filmmakers to make a one minute short film on the theme of ‘One Minute to Save the World’.
We asked them to make a film about something that they believe in. A film that makes us think, that is authentic to them.

Director Statement:
“This short film is about a girl that is told as a child, just like everyone else, that she can do anything and should reach for the stars. But as she grows up she starts to realise that’s not what society wants from her and because of it she loses interest in what she once loved and finally conforms to society’s norms.

I wanted to make a film that highlights the imperfections in life, how many of us are told as young children that we can do anything but as soon as we reach the age where we can make that decision we’re told that we can’t do it. It also hits quite close to home as from many personal experiences and other people’s, many of us have been in a situation where we wanted to pursue a job in the arts but have been put down by the very people that encouraged us many years ago, and I created this film for people to reflect on themselves and realise that discouraging young people from doing what they love can end up doing more damage than good. ”

Written, directed and animated by:
Annette Hannah

  • 2019

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