Magic Bag & Measuring Up

PQA Aylesbury

PQA Film Festival 2019 – Southern Regional Official Selection
Big Screen Classics Green Group Winner

Recreation of a scene from the 1963 musical classic Mary Poppins which sees everyone’s favourite nanny introducing Jane and Michael to her magical (and perfect) ways.

Harrison Eden-Fry
Tessa Furssedonn Wood
Brooke Walker

Ava Giles
Phoebe Bennett-Harrison
Paisley Foot
Poppy Shapland
Raksha Thavakumar
Quentin Foot
Aniya Sewsarran

Lilly-Rose Curtis
Abi Robson
Skyla Mumford
Melody Saw
Ellie Jeffrey
Dexter Carter
Lucie Reeves

  • 2019

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