Kid Hero

PQA Cardiff

PQA National Film Festival & Awards 2018 Official Selection

A young boy loves to be the hero, but how does he become one?  Kid Hero tries radioactive waves, spider bites and green hotdogs in a bid to scare away the bad guys and runs into some trouble along the way!

Amy Favager

Kid Hero – Kai Smith
Bully – Lawrence Kemble
Bully – Emilia Kemble
Bully – Olly Corcoran
Student – Isabelle Dewhurst
Student – Lola Kidd

Student – Ellie Storer
Student – Tilly Gadd
Student – Samantha Jones
Student – Lola Walsh
Student – Hazel Lawson
Student – Catrin Hulse
Student – Molly Underwood
Dinner Lady – Jack Beresford
Mum – Vicky Sutton

1st AD – Jacob Michel
2nd AD – Tilly Gadd
Director of Photography – Harvey Dewhurst
Camera Operator – Hali Simmons
Production Manager – Ira-Leigh Scott
Production Designer – Olivia Scott
Sound Recordists – Miley-Mae Evans & Scarlett Emery Costumem
Hair and Make-Up – Livvy Clifton & Peyton Mccoy

  • 2018

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